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Pine Cone Christmas Decorations

Christmassy Pine Cone Garland

In my new house I have some lovely Victorian fireplaces so I'm really excited about decorating them for Christmas.  Here's where I found these beautiful pictures - Pine Cone Garland

I've also been making a new Pinterest board full of Pine Cone Christmas decoration ideas, my mother has quite a few trees with cones and I'm planning on grabbing a few bags full!

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Oink Oink Egg Cozy - Felt Giveaway worth over £35!

I have a big bundle of 100 sheets of felt to give away to one of you via the lovely people at Viking Direct - see the details of what you will win here - Pack of Coloured Felt


Entry is easy - leave a comment on the blog with a link to your favourite felt tutorial or make from a craft blog! (it can be your own tutorial or can be from a blog you like, just paste the link in and let me know why you love it)

NB If you'd like to be entered into the draw TWICE please also share this post on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook and be sure to tag me +Craft Blog  @craftbloguk and Craft Blog UK on Facebook (although you must leave a comment too!)

I will pick a winner on the 17th October and let them know by email as well as announcing details in a comment on the post.  Good Luck!

Felt Egg Cosy Tutorial

Make a Pig Egg Cosy!

I thought a make up a little felt tutorial myself! I made a cute little pig egg cosy, these would make lovely gifts for kids (although I gave this one to my mum!) 

I actually used Pi today when sewing up an egg cosy!  I had to work out the circumference in order to ensure the little template I made covered the egg cup properly.  

I made a really simple template egg cosy shape ensuring it was big enough to fit the egg cup when sewn up, basically just an elongated semi-circle and cut two out of the pink felt and then cut out a pair of ears - I just did this freehand.  Then I sandwiched the ears in and sewed up the edge.

The ears popping out as I turn it right side out!

I made the ears reall oversized so it would look more fun!

I found a big wooden button for the snout - needs to be a two hole button, the bigger the better in my opinion and stitched it on with some dark pink thread.

Next I embroidered on some piggy close set eyes.

The ears needed a little definition so I stitched a little tuck at the bottom of each to give them some shape.

and voila a super quick project that a child could sew up!  I'm going to make a little set of farm animals egg cosies as a gift!

I can't wait to see all of the tutorials you share in the comments - don't forget to say a little about them!

Fingernail Art - Impractical but Awesome!

Thought you would love this crazy fingernail art from Alice Bartlett!  A bit impractical maybe but brilliant all the same - a little community on her fingertips! :)

amazing nail art little people on nails

amazing nail art little people on nails

amazing nail art little people on nails

Sewing Vs Throw Away Fashion - Interesting Infographic

London Fashion Week starts today! Take a look at the infographic in this post that challenges UK buying habits, prompting people to reassess their throw-away fashion lifestyle, and instead, look to sustainable methods such as sewing, handcraft and upcycling - Hooray.

Should this tweet actually say "UK Sales of THROWAWAY online fashion" We are buying more clothes than ever...  and throwing it away when the next trend arrives. 

The stats are quite scary - 1 million Tonnes of textiles sent to landfill every year in the UK alone and a big proportion of that waste is from used clothing.  Take a look at this infographic "Sewing vs Throw Away Fashion"

Infographic via Plush Addict, online fabric retailer in the UK 

This is a mini protest banner created by Sarah Corbett of the Craftivist Collective last year to highlight the inequalities of the fashion world - take a look at her website - The Craftivist Collective if you are interested in finding out more.  Not all of us are talented enough to make our own clothes but we can make more responsible decisions about the clothes we do buy.

And a tweet she posted this morning! "Don't mention the garment workers" - why not retweet it!

Autumn Crafts - Embroidery Hoop Art

I love this embroidery hoop art from The Lily pad Cottage - the text is actually written on with a fabric pen rather than embroidered but it still looks lovely - Autumn is such a fantastic time for craft, long evenings and the amazing autumnal colours for inspiration all around - I can't wait and now I have moved house finally I can get out all my crafty stuff - it's all been in boxes way too long!

I like hoop art and I think it would be fun to have a hoop on the wall in a prominent place (or maybe on a door) that changed with the seasons, a new hoop to celebrate the new season and a great reason to take some time out to reflect while you stitch up a design.

There are a few more beautiful examples of autumnal embroidery hoop art I found too.

Beautiful Autumn coloured threads  - over on Bettinas Treehouse

This is a very fun and simple idea from Shaken Together - I've just been given some felt and have a giveaway coming up to win a big bumper pack here soon, so will be thinking of felt projects I can make up this weekend to share.

These are french knots and seed beads - must take so long - I love the ombre effect and mossy colour. This is available to buy on Etsy from The Chest of Drawers.  Well worth a look at her other work!

This pretty hoop art is by another Etsian - Sometimes I Swirl - I particularly love the choice of fabric and the rustic hoop - would look beautiful on a wall.

I'd love to see any hoop art you have produced please share it on my facebook wall

My own efforts are not quite so accomplished, but it still makes me smile - determined to make something else and add it to my new office :)

Beautiful Crochet - Acorn Pine Cone Brooches

I spotted these from Portugese crochet artist Vera Joan Espinha over on the Flow Gallery Blog.  they summed up how I'm feeling, Autumn is coming and I want to get my crochet hooks and cotton out!

Show Your Work - Austin Kleon

I came across a lovely book called 'Show Your Work' aimed at artists and designers about 'getting your work discovered' whilst browsing on Pinterest and just had to share some of the pages the author has shared - they really jumped out at me, I guess it's the white on black, it makes a message seem ultra clear!  No wonder this is a best selling book!

The author Austin Kleon, has created 10 important points to follow in order to get your work noticed - with the big idea of the book being that work is about process, not product. Through sharing your processes you can gain huge interest in your work, a following which grows exponentially and which you can use for "fellowship, feedback or patronage" as Austin says.

I picked a few of my favourite images out from his Pinterest board and I also just ordered the book myself (a little splurge!) - I'll let you know more once I've had a read (It should be delivered tomorrow!)  I'm hoping it will compliment a lot of my own theories on getting discovered and selling crafts online but I'm always open to learning new concepts and ideas and it looks like a nice book to have on my shelf (I also ordered his other book which looks equally interesting!)

Pizza Slice?

See more here!

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