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Crochet Key Covers

Crochet Key Covers

These are fabulous! Little crochet key covers or key cozys, they are by Italian blogger Airali Handmade, she says they are made for a magazine - I'm hoping she has the pattern available in her shop soon too as they are absolutely brilliant and would make amazing gifts or little crafts to sell at a fair.

I had a google to see if I could find any more key cozies - 
knitted key cozy jumper
Key covers - "Cozy Keys" little knitted jumpers for your keys!

This bobble stitch knitted key cover protects your coat pocket linings and handbag lining (I lost £50 out of my pocket once - no lie, because of a hole caused by my keys!)

Koala Key Cozy - cute little koala bear and other little animals available with this pattern

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